My name is Manjree. I’m an anthropologist and archaeologist by training. I received my BA(Hons) and MSc from the United Kingdom. My family lives all over the world and I self-categorize as a global citizen as I’ve never had roots in one place (or even country) for very long. Since completing my studies, I’ve spent the majority of my time catching up with family, friends, and television! I also try to keep my big toe within academia, writing research articles and presenting papers at conferences periodically.

I made the decision to start this blog to celebrate our entry into the year 2012. I don’t know what this year will hold, which plans will be fulfilled, which will fall straight on their bottoms, and there are always the random surprises… But I’ve wanted to keep a blog for a while now, so why not at the start of this new year?

Please bear with me as I get acclimated to this widely-used, but personally-new form of expressive media!

Happy wanderings! And thanks for visiting my blog, it means a lot!

Manjree xx


4 Responses to “About Manjree”

  1. Manu Says:

    I look forwad to reading your words that are crafted with sensitivity, depth, knowledge, simplicity and unique style!


  2. anurag kothari Says:

    i really just surprised to see u in such short note but amazing tat a gal always looks so silent ve such excellent idea.awesome new year resolution if i m not mistaken but had a really sweet n sensational journey to ur blog


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