Song Recommendation: ‘Auditory Hallucinations’ by Jang Jae In (feat NaShow)

November 29, 2015

** O.S.T. stands for Original Sound Track**

Auditory Hallucinations is by far my favorite O.S.T. of the year and I find myself humming the tune fondly at the most random times even though I don’t hear it very often.  The song is sung by artist Jang Jae In (feat NaShow) for the 2015 Korean Drama Kill Me, Heal Me. This drama has a fantastic star cast headed by Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, and as any KDrama addict can attest to, this lead couple is infamous for their onscreen chemistry in the 2013 drama Secret Love.

I watched only the first half of Kill Me, Heal Me but felt satisfied with just those few episodes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rather, the acting was, for me, miles above the story so I didn’t feel the usual frustrations to skip ahead to find out how it all wraps up because the superb acting was I got hooked on. Thus, I heard the Drama O.S.T. a handful of times and enjoyed it then. But, as with most sound tracks go, after watching the show I often forget about the theme songs that are associated with them. Not true for Auditory Hallucinations.

The O.S.T is composed, arranged, and written by ZigZagNote. NaShow’s rapping that starts off the song, followed by the strong yet soft vocals of Jang Jae In, are just striking. The whole piece is rather haunting and dreamlike, as opposed to foreboding or dangerous. Rather, it matches the plot of the K-Drama it covers, Kill Me, Heal Me, very well, with the storyline of Ji Sung’s character suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has seven different personalities – although harmful to his public image if exposed – his personalities are portrayed more organically as if he is just passing through dreamlike stages of his persona.  Thus, the O.S.T marks the limbo that resonates with a man being on the brink of madness and sanity.

Jang Jae In’s voice gives the lyrics and musical score the sorrowful sensitivity that takes this O.S.T. to the next level. The song without the rap is just as jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Her ‘twang’ (only way I can describe it) is remarkably well-suited for this song. I’m left feeling incomplete when the song ends and rather deflated because I just want it to go on and on! J We all know there are songs out there that we just want to hear on auto-repeat all night because it’s so mesmerizing and tantalizing… Auditory Hallucinations is one of those songs. It is addictive and I find a strong form of auditory withdrawal symptoms kick in for a while when it’s done.

Thanks to this one song, I became rather fanatically interested in singer and songwriter Jang Jae In, especially since she was a Korean singing talent competition participant and NON-winner. She was fantastic at the age of 20 in her SuperStar K2 audition and her body language in front of the celebrity judges (from the get go) just puts her a few notches above the rest (with extra brownie points for her vocal abilities of course). Although my healthy obsession with her is not as deep as my INFINITE obsession (let’s leave this for another blog post), you realize how small the world of Korean actors and entertainers is when I saw one of Jang Jae In’s music videos features actor Lee Won Geun as her love interest. This actor stole my heart and respect with his stellar performances in the Korean Dramas Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go and Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion this past year.

So check out Kill Me, Heal Me if you are interested in KDramas, but definitely check out the Drama O.S.T. ‘Auditory Hallucinations’ and let me know how you like it! It’s no problem if you don’t understand what Jang Jae In is singing about because neither do I, and I fell head over heels in love with this, regardless!


One Response to “Song Recommendation: ‘Auditory Hallucinations’ by Jang Jae In (feat NaShow)”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Hi, I absolutely love this song too! It has this haunting feel and of coz, coupled with the drama ( I love Ji Sung too!), it’s really difficult to forget!
    I wanted to leave a note, to encourage you to keep blogging! I myself have thought of writing an online journal or something like that to record my experiences, and my thoughts, but haven’t really got around doing it…. procrastination is really my worse enemy! Anyways, good luck and keep up the great job!

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