UV Resin Craft: Name Charms

November 21, 2015

IMG-20150703-WA006I came across UV Resin Craft for the first time when I walked into Tokyu Hands and came upon their big counter display that looked both interesting, beautiful, and (shock!) doable. I didn’t end up buying anything from there initially, but did cave in and buy some supplies when I saw they were available at Daiso for only ¥100! I just couldn’t resist trying this fun project out!

UV Resin involves lots of hand eye coordination and working with tiny materials. It took ages (and hours of YouTube how-to-make videos), but I had fun making my first charm, and the results when I cured the resin under sunlight weren’t bad at all. Realizing I could experiment more, I decided to go back and buy a wider variety of material from both Daiso and Tokyu Hands (maybe not the best idea because I haven’t used 90% of those materials in the past 5 months).

Anyway, since these UV Resin Charms look soo cute, I decided to make and gift one each for my younger cousins who are 11 years and 9 years old. I wanted to make them something personalized, so I decided to put their names on the charms and try to incorporate fun elements into the design. It took me a few sunny days to complete them, as I kept retouching them until I was satisfied, but they turned out much better than I had ever imagined in the end! The photographs I took of them before presenting it to the girls were pretty awesome too!

What do you think?


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