The 100th Blog Post: Top 10 Most Liked Posts, Top 20 Most Viewed Posts, and Some Blog Stats

November 19, 2015

Today’s blog post marks the 100th post I’ve made since I began writing on Manjree’s Blog! I started back in 2012 and now, 4 years down the line, I’m honestly surprised it’s still up and running despite the 3 year hiatus! Just thought I’d take some time out to celebrate the achievement and see how far the Blog has come since then! Below, I’ve compiled lists of my most popular and most visited posts to this day and even include a section below where I’ve shared some blog stats (not really important, but will probably be fun to look back on in the future!).

Before that, some thoughts. Although I started this blog with the intention of writing what I found interesting, I would sometimes fall into the trap of favoring topics that I knew would bring traffic to my blog. As a new blogger, I’ve also been guilty of obsessing over blog stats. I think I’ve reached a nice balance now. Since I returned to blogging in 2015, I’ve found that my posts are very personalized and I enjoy sharing my life experiences and anecdotes. There are times I know that topics I’ve written about (or want to write about) will barely get viewed, but that doesn’t stop me.

The only big difference is how much I share and promote my blog since its conception. In 2012, I barely promoted or announced to friends and family that I was writing. Except for a few people, no one I personally knew had a clue I was blogging. The reason I decided to keep it in the dark was possibly because I’m notorious for not sticking to my resolutions and didn’t think I’d blog for very long. But then, when I started my NaNoWriMo-inspired 30-Day Blog Challenge this month, I wanted the pressure and attention from my peers that would push and support me to write and post something everyday – even if only for the month of November. Thus, the number of people reading my writing, unsurprisingly, has risen since I started sharing my work on social media.

TOP 10 Posts with the Most ‘Likes’ by other Bloggers

TOP 20 Most Viewed Posts of All Time (and subject)

1. Book Quotes: Highlights from Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul Quote
2. Recipe: Hearty Cabbage Soup Recipe
3. The Importance of Saying ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’ across Socio-Cultural Contexts Anecdote
4. Grad School Comic Strip Relief Comic Strip
5. Film Review: Interstate 60 Film Review
6. Film Review: Way of Blue Sky (2005) a.k.a. 青空のゆくえ Film Review
7. News Review: Plagiarized Story of Naked Catwalk by Pregnant Model News
8. Eulogy: For T.H. Poem
9. Character Profile: L Actor Profile
10. Bergen-Belsen Cannibalism Quote by Lord Russell of Liverpool Quote
11. Crying Quotes – the importance of tears Quote
12. Hiroshima Peace Park Panoramas Photography
13. Poem: Henna Poem
14. Film Song Review: Katrina Kaif in Chikni Chameli Song Review
15. Reasons I Chose a Bold Buzz Cut for my Birthday! (*new*) Anecdote
16. Poem: A Junior Poem
17. Cannibalism Quote by Marvin Harris Quote
18. Children’s Skeletons and Extra Terrestrials TV
19. Book Review: Highlights of Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul Book Review
20. My Obesity Problems started with a Choco Pie (*new*) Anecdote

People I encounter often ask me what subject(s) or theme(s) I blog about and I never know how to explain other than to say ‘random stuff. just everything.’ However, looking way back at my one month anniversary post from 2012, I can’t help agreeing with my younger self when I said

I’m still quite pleased with the eclectic mix of subjects I’ve managed to include here […] I hope variety continues to play a big part in this blog…

Manjree’s Blog Stats

TOTAL VIEWS ~ 20,346
MOST VIEWS IN A DAY ~ 136 views on Nov 5th, 2015


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