3D Shadowbox Art: The Seven Dwarfs

November 9, 2015

Without sounding weird, I had a big urge to cut stuff up a few days ago and make something creative. Because I tend to strain my hands and wrists pretty easily, I wanted a project that I could both finish and work on in small bursts without overdoing it. So I decided to make a 3D Shadowbox! Isn’t it pretty?

When I was in Japan, I had taken a hobby class at Yuzawaya that taught me how to go about the process and it was love at first class! The steps are relatively easy if you have steady hands and there is much room for individualization in projects. The print I chose to work with this time was a postcard-sized vibrant color image of Sleeping Beauty’s seven dwarfs.

The Seven Dwarfs postcard

Original 2D Print

With the help of glue, foam, a brown marker, cutting board, x-acto knife, and much color-coded pre-planning, I set myself to this paper cutting and assembling task 🙂

Manjree 3D Shadowbox planning and preparation

Planning Stage (LOVE this photo!)

Here are some photos of the process and final product (sans box frame).

Paper Cut Art

Cutting and Assembly

Manjree's Blog Seven Dwarves 3D Shadowbox

Final 3D Shadow Art

Let me know what you think!


One Response to “3D Shadowbox Art: The Seven Dwarfs”

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