Selfie Silhouette Paper Cuts

November 2, 2015

We all fold and cut paper to make snowflakes when we’re children… it’s like a rite of passage. But it took me over two decades to realize that paper cutting with scissors (for sissies) or x-acto knives (for experts) is in-fact a serious art form.

I was (re)introduced to paper cutting about 6 months ago, when I came across a series of bilingual Kirigami books for ¥100 each at the local Daiso. I used the templates given in the books to make a few origami cut outs but found them somewhat restricting and am now experimenting with other forms of paper art.

For the past few days, I’ve been obsessively surfing the net to see how people cut paper silhouettes. I loved the idea and just had to try it out myself.  Here are some instructions on how I went about it!


Initially, I wasted lots of time unsuccessfully trying to find a picture of myself with a side profile, so I ended up taking a selfie silhouette photograph with my smartphone and uploading it to my laptop.

first step - get silhouette shot with hair looking amazing

first step – get selfie silhouette shot with hair looking amazing

I computer edited it before printing out several to use as templates for cutting out my own versions.

Screenshot 2015-11-02 23.48.39 (2)

second step – photo edited to make cutting templates for silhouette paper cuts

Now cut!! I ended up making 3 paper cutting attempts. The results, thankfully, didn’t turn out to be a disaster (despite going the sissy route and using scissors to cut instead of my trusty x-acto). At least my facial features are identifiable! Woo hoo!

Final Product - with the help of a pair of scissors!

final product – with the help of a pair of scissors!

… and now I’ve got 6 little paper cut Mini-mes sitting on my work table 😀

6 little mini-me silhouettes done!

6 little mini-me silhouettes done!

So what do you think? Send me suggestions and comments below! Happy Cutting!


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