Children’s Skeletons and Extra Terrestrials

June 8, 2012

This post took me back to my human osteology days! On another note, it’s interesting how there is an obvious similarity between the skull and dentition of a juvenile skeleton and the artistic recreation of what aliens look like (called skitters – see a picture here) in the American TV series FALLING SKIES


The following caption, as well as the photo, is courtesy of io9:

Inside the mouth of every child is a terrifying double row of teeth. Not that you’d ever know it — muscle, skin and bone prevent most of us from ever catching a glimpse of this extra dentition. Here’s your chance to get a close-up look at what lies beyond the gum line.

On some level, most people probably recognize that a child’s erupting permanent teeth have to be situated more or less right on top of their smaller predecessors, in order to dissolve their roots and ultimately replace them (a process known as exfoliation).

What many fail to appreciate, however, is just how little room there is for exfoliation to take place. This picture [click for hi-res], taken by photographer Stefan Schäfer at the Hunterian Museum in London, reveals several permanent teeth…

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