Skeletal Depictions of Hello Kitty and Other Children’s Cartoons by Michael Paulus

March 17, 2012

We’ve all grown up with a range of children’s cartoons and somehow many of them are able to brave the test of time and the so-called generational gaps. It’s through the continuous marketing and re-marketing of these icons that they avoid retirement, I suppose. Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Sailor Moon, Tom & Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Care Bears are all characters that send me whizzing back into my childhood days…

And growing up in Japan, one big favorite was always Hello Kitty! Imagine my curiosity and excitement when I came across a tweet by fellow Kobe-ite @HirokoTabuchi, where she put up an image of Hello Kitty’s skeleton! Now, having studied osteology, I find everything with bones exciting. [I’m more into human bones, but then, Hello Kitty is as much human as anyone else!] So thus I was introduced to the works of Michael Paulus.

The time has come to share this fascinating artwork with all of you. Although there are a grand total of 22 characters that Michael Paulus has experimented with, I only show Hello Kitty and Snoopy here. If you’d like to see the rest – or rummage through his other handiworks – I encourage you to visit his website or etsy shop.

An interesting blog post by Jeremy is also worth a look, especially as explained herein is how and why Michael Paulus decided to draw cartoon skeletal systems.

Fascinating stuff…enjoy!

P.S. Michael Paulus, if you are reading this, how about one on Doraemon too…I love him!


2 Responses to “Skeletal Depictions of Hello Kitty and Other Children’s Cartoons by Michael Paulus”

  1. Wonderful! The Snoopy skull made my day.


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