Osteology Quote by Peggy Thomas

March 12, 2012

“With repeated use even the simplest activity can leave marks on the bone. The things we do today may become imprinted on our bones and years from now we may have “couch potato buttocks,” “remote control thumb,” or “Nintendo wrist”.”

— Peggy Thomas 1995, p. 58, 61

This osteology quote is pretty self explanatory – the movements we make our bodies do today may be soo repetitive that they will be noticeable as slight, but distinctive, changes on our skeletons. The only thing to consider is whether we will ever be able to identify the bone changes correctly to the right activity? Especially since people today are very diverse in their activities, and do so many of them, that it may only be possible to say which part of the body was moved in which direction, but not for what reason. Thus, only the descriptive what, rather than the resulting why may be discovered…

Reference: Thomas, P. 1995. Talking Bones: the science of forensic anthropology. New York: Facts on File


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