Fancy Pantsy Custom DIY Coasters

February 27, 2012

Loved this post (and the idea behind it even more)! These custom coasters are a FAB do-it-yourself project and I’d love to get my hands on some supplies so that I can try it out myself. Definitely a neat personal gift to give anyone!

A Day Without Sushi

I’ve never been a big project person. Not because I don’t like doing them, mind you. It’s likely that it has something to do with my lack of patience. With people, I’m patient. With objects, not so much. I want things to be done yesterday.

Even when I read a book, I have to read it as quickly as possible. If it’s not finished fast enough, I give up on it.

It’s not a trait I’m proud of.

Lately, the crafty-let’s-make-things bug took a big bite out of me, so I’ve started taking on projects. Projects with things that have steps. And have to dry and set and…

I’m learning patience, ya’ll.

One of my latest endeavours was to create coasters for the new geeky man cave I created for the hubs. (That project will be posted next week. Settle down.) I wanted something geeky, and I wanted something…

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