News Review: Plagiarized Story of Naked Catwalk by Pregnant Model

February 25, 2012

Surat Times pg 5

Saw this 200 word story in today’s newspaper – Pregnant model walks the runway naked at London Fashion Week. The story caught my eye because it involved a former Miss Wales (and I’m a big fan of anything Welsh  as I spent my undergraduate years there)! Anyhoo, after a quick look on Google to see if there was anything else reported about this story, I came to realize a few things…

1. Nothing beats shocking the audience. Facts and statements that would shock the Indian audiences were used to make this a good ‘story’. Thus was the aim of giving people this news.

2. The object of the story need not take center stage. Neither the fashionable hats being showcased nor model Sophia Cahill were mentioned in detail in the clipping, as the headline would suggest. Rather, emphasis was cast on Robyn Coles and her sentiments for using nude models in her debut show.

3. Important to explain WHY a piece of news is important. The designer’s motivation for casting a pregnant model is given, but the equally important reason for why the pregnant model decided to accept the offer and walk the ramp is left unsaid! This neglect is even more surprising because her reasons for WHY are worthy of news space i thought. You can read WHY at Wales Online.

4. Plagiarism is rife in journalism. All the different big newspapers have the same stories, but worst of all, they all seem to be mimicking each other. Other than one or maybe two details, such as someone’s age or location of the event, etc… there is nothing that sets the stories apart from each other. I shouldn’t be surprised that the story I read in today’s Indian newspaper was copied word-for-word and plagiarized (up to the commas) 6 out of 10 paragraphs written in this Daily Mail article.


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