Life & Death Quote by Dulichand Jain

February 13, 2012

“When in distress, a person has to experience his miseries all alone.  After death he [sic] goes to the next life all alone.  Hence the wise do not consider anyone worth taking shelter under.”

— Dulichand Jain 1999, p. 68

On the contrary, during our lifetimes, we try to keep others close by and form lasting bonds whose support and strength we can draw on during times of distress. Having someone else’s sympathies no doubt makes a person’s solitary experience less harsh – providing a cushion to the blows of life. We also try to keep others nearby and wish that someone will be there to hold our hand while we pass from this life to the next. So if we are lucky, we don’t have to start this unknown journey alone. This is why we take the risk of having others under our ‘shelter’. Whether this is a decision of ‘the wise’ or not is, of course, not for me to comment on…

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 Reference: Jain, D. 1999. Springs of Jaina Wisdom. Research Foundation of Jainology


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