De-Cluttering My Inbox Day!

January 31, 2012

Today has been an eventful day, so I thought I’d share 😀

First, I scrounged up the poems I scribbled down on some scrap paper while out the other day, re-worked them, and now have a few blog posts ready for the next week. Hooray!

I also had an appointment regarding my passport today which turned into a tiny disaster when we found out that this would mean I had to stay grounded (no flying) for about 2 months while I waited for them to return my passport. I’m hoping to travel in the next month, so that was not an option! Looking at the bright side, this now means that I’ll just have to get my passport sorted when I go to the US next. A sensible solution minus the disruptions and complications I’d probably have to encounter if I did it here in India. So…Yay!?

AND I was supposed to have a skype interview for a job sometime this week and never heard back from the company with details. Luckily, I received an email where the woman apologized and postponed the meeting to next week. Thank god I wasn’t stood up – which is where 99% of my job hunting endeavours end up! Hooray x2!

And most importantly, for the biggest accomplishment of the day….I suddenly decided to de-clutter my Gmail account today. By cleanup, I mean organize, put into folders, and have a good crack at all the unread mails that have slowly been piling up. I don’t know what exactly brought it on, or how I managed to get this done (especially because I am a poster girl for procrastination) but I ended up with my 6.5 year old account (I switched to Gmail in June 2005) clean and ready to face the next decade headfirst – all with a smile on my face. Yay x3!

Manjree’s Tips on how to de-clutter your Inbox:

1. I don’t know how other people go about doing this, but I made separate folders (or subfolders – your wish) for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc… Using the ‘Search Mail’ icon on the top of the window, I move individual emails to their corresponding folders. NOTE: make sure you don’t just label an email ‘Facebook’ because then it will still be visible in your ‘Inbox’. It’s sneaky like that. You’ll have to use the ‘Move to’ function (or at least I do).

2. Then I went ahead and made a Banking folder, with subfolders for each bank I get electronic statements or emails from.

3. If you are like me and link your other personal & work emails to your gmail (or my more unflattery method of forwarding each email to my gmail account right before my college email addresses got disconnected) and prefer to keep these emails separate, go ahead and make individual folders for these as well. I had two previous college addresses (one for my BA and one for my MSc) and one Hotmail address I used to use before I switched over to gmail, giving me a grand total of 3 folders.

4. And now anything else that you have an abundance of in your inbox, and have enough of to make a semi-full folder out of go ahead. For me this meant having a folder full of PDFs I’ve emails myself over the years and having separate folders for any emails, drafts, references, etc… that had to do with each of my dissertations.

I’m a novice, so if I can do it, you can too! I’m no computer geek, so don’t be afraid to at least try any of these 4 steps out! Keep in mind that it’s not too much of a problem if you miss a few stray emails here and there, or if your folders are not quite perfect….you can always go back and alter or polish it up later. I only roughly went through my inbox today and it took me over 3 hours (with breaks) to organize over 6 years of emails! And that’s not half bad! At least now if I ever want to go back, I’ll know that I’ve already completed 98% of the hard work!

To be honest though, I like the look of my Gmail now and feel a lot of pride for accomplishing this cleanup. There is no need to touch it again! Rather than go back and make sure there are no loose ends, my next major project should probably be to organize my iTunes! Wow….now we’re not going quite yet…

How do you manage your inbox and the constant flow of emails? Neat ideas or faster ways on how to de-clutter are always welcome!


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