Poem: Through the Eyes of a Ghost

January 29, 2012

**This poem was written in 2004 during a creative writing workshop I attended as a high school senior (age 17)**

Through the Eyes of a Ghost

I THEY the way THEY I see,
A glimpse here, a glimpse there,
This unplanned moment is all I seek.

I don’t want favors, I don’t want advice,
I just seek the look of THEIR eyes,
In order to know that what I see is true.

These PEOPLE, all strangers to ME,
Seem no less than family,
Yet, I find THEM to be more like aliens.

Though the same shape,
Though the same looks,
THEY are worse off.

THEIR lives, flowers on a stem,
Are rudely interrupted,
By OUR feelings acting as thorns.

Don’t take ME wrong,
I might be curious,
But in no way would I like to be THEM.

For WE cannot intermix,
As I am fluid, smoothly making MY way,
While THEY are solid, stuck in THEIR ways.


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