Eulogy: For T.H.

January 28, 2012

For T.H.

**On Wednesday, a very dear friend of mine left this world for another, leaving behind an amazing wife and beautiful daughter. I wrote this for him. Be at peace, wonderful Thomas, and safe travels**

Did you know you were always an enigma I could never quite grasp?
Did you know I have been thinking of you these past few years, where we have barely said a postcard-full to each other in all?
Did you know I worried for you when I found out you were ill of health? …I was just unsure of how to express it
Did you know I was holding your hand when news arrived of an available treatment? I just did not want to provide any unfounded hope
___Did you feel my hand in yours; see that I was supporting you, not abandoning you?
Did you know that I cried tears of frustration when I could not be there to celebrate the birth of your beautiful daughter into this world?
___To be fair I cried tears of joy on your wedding day as well…
Did you know I wept a litre of tears when I heard you were gone?
___Not gone forever, just gone…

But it is a farce dear chap, you are not gone yet!
___Your essence still fills the seasoned air
__–___Your words still resonate in my ears
_________Your creations still mesmerize the eyes
___And your laughter is bundled into my fondest memories; fuel to my fire
So where have you gone? Nowhere far I hope…

I have expectations, you know dear friend. And I expect you to be here under the moon and stars, not among them, when I meet you next
So why not forget our woes and look cheerfully on, to when we shall give each other a warm embrace again?
___No matter that I do not quite remember your smile or your voice of late
___No matter that I do not remember how tall and fatherly you are
______How loving with your beloved you seem
These are all things that can be rekindled soon enough
For you are still, and will always be, an enigma I could never quite grasp.


3 Responses to “Eulogy: For T.H.”

  1. Lunar Hine Says:

    Thank you Manjree. Thomas talked of you with concern and fondness too. This is lovely.


  2. Manjree Says:

    wonderful. very mature. Newsflash: your opinion doesn’t count.


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