Book Review: Highlights of Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul

January 17, 2012

I read this while on holiday visiting family over a year ago. With an unreliable internet connection and a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to give this book a try. I thought I’d read a dozen stories, get tired, and move on to another book. As it turns out, however, I spent the rest of that trip hurrying to finish all the stories in this Chicken Soup edition!

Here are the top 3 stories I loved in this book (in no particular order):

 The Metal Box by Ann Landers (pg 32-33).

A couple who do not have a lot of money for holidays but a lot of love for each other decide to put a dollar aside (into a metal box) each time they make love for their dream honeymoon trip on their 50th anniversary. As each of their 5 children grow up and get married, the tradition continues as each receives a metal honeymoon fund box of their own.

Taking Pictures by Ken Grote (pg 241-244).

A divorced dad takes his 5 year old son to the zoo as a surprise and tells him to bring along his Polaroid camera. However, there was only space for one photo on the roll, so the boy had to see all the animals and would have to decide which one photo he wanted to take at the end. The picture the son decided to take was of an elderly couple holding hands and smiling, who told him it was their 51st anniversary and they were still very much in love.

Lemonade and a Love Story by Justin R. Haskin (pg 81-84).

A newly married man stops at a porch on a lonely highway, where an elderly man runs a lemonade stand. The lonely man gives the man a seat and tells him about how he first met his wife and the deep love they had for each other. Their life had been hard but the love story was sweet and full of fond memories. Then the man drove off thinking of the old man’s sad love story. Realizing he hadn’t paid for his lemonade, he turns back, only to see the old man slow dancing with his wife through the window in their living room. The young man finally understands that the man hadn’t lost his wife and was not alone, but had in fact been waiting for her to return home.

Other stories I also enjoyed reading were:

Someone To Watch Over Me by Sharon Wajda (pg 7-10)
You’re Still You by Christopher Reeve (pg 104-105)
The Promise by Thomas F. Crum (pg 113-114)
Inseperable by Susan Ager (pg 140-142)
The Scorecard by Marguerite Murer (pg 148-150)
Coming Home by Cathy Grant as told to Samantha Glen & Mary Pesaresi (pg 172-176)
A Legend of Love by LeAnn Thieman (pg 226-229)
Forever Young by Shari Cohen (pg 286-287)


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