Poem: Waiting for an Answer

January 15, 2012

Waiting for an Answer

On the threshold of Anteros’ lair
Where the stairwell converges
Stands a crippled figurine
Heart smashed
Life trapped in sheets of spindles
Awaiting the avenger
To free the tormented heart
From its whirligig nightmare
And the door to be answered
With rays of sunlight and hope


2 Responses to “Poem: Waiting for an Answer”

  1. Shehzar Doja Says:

    beautiful….loved it..and im pretty harsh with criticism..the imagery sort of captured me from the first line..anteros, now theres a name i dont hear every day 🙂 very apt..reminds me of the spider from lord of the rings(shelob) imagery wise with a vivid hint of sleeping beauty thrown in..nice job…:)


    • Manjree Says:

      Thanks for reading Shehzar, just don’t hold any hope that the others are as good! 🙂 I actually wrote this about a year ago and believe I didn’t even know who Anteros was until then! 😛 I’m hoping to put up some of my earlier writings on here so your comments are always welcome!


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